Praise Changes Everything

Plans change. We lose our way, run out of money. Time is gone; family or friends move away. What’s a person to do? Get frustrated, stressed, overeat? I’ve tried each of those methods of coping, and they don’t work. What works for me is when I choose to praise God in spite of what is going on around me. Try it. Let’s praise God, our Creator, our Redeemer, and our Closest Friend. 

Have you tried to infuse your day with worship? Turning on praise music helps. But it’s actually a mindset. If we choose to stay connected to His ways, we get a glimpse of eternity. The eternal perspective (or God’s eye-view) high above our earthly issues gives an instant recharge to our hope. It’s inspiring to be reminded that someday, what we believe now by faith will be proven as real. Heaven is the place where our worship will continue, and we will glorify the King of Kings forever and ever. 

How can we praise God when irritating things happen, our plans change, schedules alter? We must plan to praise God in advance of our trials. No matter what, God deserves our praise. When we worship our great God, not just for what He has done for us, but for who He is, there is a great exchange.

I missed my connecting flight, and my plans changed. My God had not changed. I praised God for the chance to see what He would do next; this helped to focus my mind off my plans and on to His. God’s will for me and for you is just to praise Him regardless of how we feel. Praising God helped give me perspective—in light of eternity, my little inconvenience of a missed flight doesn’t really matter. My response to it does. I choose to “just praise Him.”

Let’s pray: 

Heavenly Father, we praise you. We worship you, not just for what you have done for us, but for who you are. Thank you for being a great God, whose wisdom, grace, and power are so worthy of honor. Thank you for allowing us to love you, praise you, and worship you. We give you all the glory. In Jesus’ name, AMEN!

Let’s praise Him now. Take a listen to this reminder from Newsboys at my blog!

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