Many Believers are stuck.

Things might have been going just great in the beginning. But something happened and they began to question God’s love or presence during difficulty. They might have felt abandoned by God or the church, or even suffocated by the lies of the evil one and became disillusioned and disconnected. Often these beloved friends are unable, unwilling or unmotivated to grow. They may still attend a church, but have never experienced a life of freedom, joy or victory.

Many of Christ’s followers live with this type awkwardness and the feeling that God is holding out on them. They want their life to be useful and fruitful. Christ is the answer and that truth sets us free.

Through our trained ‘encouragers’ “Transformed Life/Leadership Counseling” offers not only a listening ear but a caring heart from another sister or brother in Christ who has also experienced life’s challenges. Our ‘encouragers’ are ready and able to offer accountability and accessibility to the resources available through the ministry of Freedom In Christ. These ‘encouragers’ will remind you the fact that we are set free by God’s grace to walk in newness of life. Our “Transformed Life/Leadership Counseling” techniques are prayer-based and Bible-based and founded on the principles from Freedom in Christ.

Guilt, shame and rejection can be replaced by a deep assurance of God’s love and forgiveness. Fears can be turned to courageous faith; anxiety to peace; depression to joy; anger to patience; bitterness to forgiveness; complacency to passion; hopelessness to zeal; addictions to freedom and growth; insecurity to fruitful service in the church and community. Are you ready to be finally free? We are anxious to hear from you!

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free” Galatians 5:1