Kenya Wrap-Up (Part 2)

Nairobi 5

Our last time to have a meal with our hostess in Nairobi—Lucy (l) and Sharon (r) from Kitale—what a blessing to share with Kenyan women how God will strengthen them when they ask for help.

Nairobi 6 tie one on

Dennis, our driver, was determined to get us to the airport on time, yet you can see his vehicle has a few challenges: one that was a bumper that kept getting knocked off. He has an easy method: Use a piece of rope to attach to the roof. It gave a whole new meaning to the phrase “tie one on.”

Nairobi 7 w hosts Sharon Wafula, Samuel Wafula and Ken Mukuri

At the airport with Sharon Wafula, Pastor Samuel Wafula and Ken Mukuri, the Kitale team: what a great send-off!

Last supper in Nairobi 8

Last supper in Nairobi at airport with Sharon Hurkens and Marnie Swedberg at Java House: We were so amazed at how God put us together, although we had not ever met in person. Praise the Lord for how He put our team together for an amazing ministry trip. So thankful.

Amsterdam KLM 9

Goodbye, Kenya. First flight (Nairobi to Amsterdam) KLM airlines was a wonderful experience. Amsterdam to Seattle, WA. Seattle, WA to LAX, CA. At LAX, I rode the airport bus to Bakersfield. The trip took about 48 hours total. I gained a day. Can’t wait to get home!

Home again means in and out burger!

It was so great to see my husband, Jim. He couldn’t believe my first request was to stop at In N Out burger. Oh yeah! Praise the Lord with us. 🙂

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