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Capax deo

Did you know you can grow into a deeper relationship with God? That’s right! Just by making a few intentional changes, you can open up your emotions and spirit to more of the spiritual blessings He has for you. The Latin term Capax Dei is an increased capacity for God, something we can develop by allowing space in our lives.

 “He brought me out into a spacious place; he rescued me because he delighted in me.” Psalm 18:19

Silence and solitude are ignored spiritual disciplines. As the keynote speaker for Mt. Hermon Christian Women’s Camp last weekend, I shared this spiritual discipline of making room for God. How it works is: We allow God to show us things we need to get rid of (a bad habit, criticism, faultfinding, bitterness, anger, hate, unforgiveness). When we allow margin in our time and schedule for time for God to meet us, we choose to slow down to listen to His voice. We allow Him to speak into our lives and show us areas He might want us to realign.

I began 2013 with a four-day silent retreat. I asked myself, “What gifts does God want to give you? What are you thankful for?” I spent hours in prayer, pouring over scripture, hiked for miles, and journaled my thoughts, feelings, and prayers. I discovered God’s love in a deeper way, enjoyed His creation, and found solace in communion with Him.

Sheryl worships God

It’s the same principle whether we are at work or at home, when you rearrange and pack things away—physically, there is more room. The same thing is true in our spiritual life when we allow God to rearrange our thinking, pack things up, and clean out the closets where we’ve hidden our spiritual baggage. Although it may be painful to let go of our bitterness, anger, hurt, and even hate, we find restoration, renewal, and welcomed recovery. We experience a new level of spiritual margin, soul rest, and delight in His presence. Dallas Willard says, “Amazing things can happen when we open up spaces in our lives. It is easier to hear the voice of God when we practice silence because our world is not filled with competing noises.”

You can't reach for anything new when your hands are full of yesterdays junk“You have made known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.” Psalm 16:11

I challenge you to “open up spaces in your life.” Let God show you what He recommends for you to cut out. Plan a time at the beginning of the new year or sooner to get alone with God. Make the choice to increase your capacity for God. Capax dei—an increased capacity for God—is available to you. Instead of self-indulgence, let’s choose God-indulgence. Rearrange and pack things up, so you have room for every new blessing God wants to bestow on you.

All my love, Sheryl

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