March 2017: From Ashes To Beauty News

March 2017

Dear Friends and Family,

I hope you are doing well. I love this quote

My India travel visa did not arrive in time for me to join the team for FIC India 2017. I am trusting God for his sufficient efficiency. Am I disappointed? Yes. Frustrated? Absolutely. Yet, I am learning to trust God to show me what is best. And that is to pray. For the India 2017 Team Prayer Calendar, scroll down below the photo of the women in the tea plantation. I hope you are able to join me in prayer.

Global Sharing/Esther Movement India 2017

Prayer Calendar

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Pray for last minute preparations and a good night’s sleep!


Fly out of San Francisco at 11:45am. Pray for travel mercies and for God to continue to guide our team.


Arrive into Kolkata airport at 11:00pm and will stay in the airport overnight for a 12 hour layover. Pray for safety and rest.


Catch a 10:30am flight to Siliguri (North East India). Our ministry partners Home and Jenny Jamang will pick us up and we’ll visit the new school!


Attend church with the Jamangs and have a day to rest and prep for the week. Jay leaves SFO headed to Singapore and then Kolkata.


Jay arrives in Kolkata and has the same 12 hour layover. Day 1 of Women’s Conference: Women of Valor. Janet teaching on being women of strength and courage.


Jay arrives in Siliguri. Day 2 of the Women’s Conference. Pray that the dalit women know they are valuable to God. Kristin teaching on the book of Ruth. Janet on the book of Esther.


Day of prep for Jay. Last day for women’s conference. Pray God will break down barriers and encourage the women with His Word. (Stories of New Testament women.)


Pastor’s conference begins. Pray as Jay ministers to pastors and church planters on topic of Shepherding God’s people. Dedication of new building at Alpha Mission School!


Day 2 Pastor’s Conference. Day 1 of Teacher Training at AMS. Pray for stamina and health for the team.


Day 3 of Pastor’s Conference. Day 2 of Teacher Training. Pray for the Holy Spirit to encourage and strengthen the Pastors and Teachers through our presence.


Day of REST!!!!!


Morning of rest then off to visit local house churches and encourage leaders in remote villiages and women in the tea plantations.


Fly from Siliguri back to Kolkata. Visit Free2Be, a children’s ministry in the slums of Kolkata. Pray for potential connections with ministry leaders.


Visit Dorcas House (a ministry to widows and marginalized women). Pray for a great last day in India.  Check in for red eye flight back to SFO.


Depart Kolkata around midnight. Lay over in Hong Kong for the women; Singapore for Jay. Everyone meets at SFO before noon. Crazy time change!!!!!


After sleeping in our own beds after 2 weeks away we’ll probably take a nap J
















Check out the Global Sharing website for updates throughout the trip!

Thank you for your financial donations. For the necessary India travel visa, I paid $475.00. Your donations were used for this essential part of the trip. Although I received the travel document too late, I now have a ten-year India travel visa. If God wills, I plan to serve in India next year in March 2018. Contrary to popular opinion,

God is not holding out on us. Yet, when we are disappointed, we must look and find God’s reappointment.

“If God is for us, who is against us? He who did not spare his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how will he not also with him freely give us all things?” Romans 8:31, 32

Sheryl’s teaching ministry expands to regular weekly television features with the Holy Spirit Broadcasting Network. So excited to share the love of God on 13 continents.

We have launched our Transformed Through Truth program on Our show is featured on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. It is listed under the Premier Program for those days and is archived after the broadcast. I am honored to share the gospel through radio and television on 13 continents. We are looking for prayer and financial partners. Will you pray? For the love of God to reach all nations. Will you give? Our monthly financial commitment for radio and television production is $3,000.00.

Transformed Through Truth has launched very strong. My first in studio guest was my own Pastor Wendell Vinson from Canyon Hills in Bakersfield, CA. Our topic was the name of God: Father, Pastor Wendell discussed the father heart of God. This show will be featured next week. Check it out

I was honored to welcome my husband, Dr. Jim Turner to discuss the name of God evidenced in the creative power of Elohim. Dr.Turner talked about how we are fearfully and wonderfully made by God, he connected this with natural healing through chiropractic care.

Freedom In Christ to India 2018. This is a one-time trip cost $3,500 – visa, airfare, room and board, translators and teaching materials. We will stay in the housing of Alpha Mission School. AMS provides the best English and Bible-based education in the region.

Is God leading you to donate to either FIC: India 2017 or FIC: Communicate Truth 2017

Please note Sheryl Giesbrecht and 86 in your correspondence. I so appreciate your partnership.

Thank you so much! I am praying for you,




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