New Beginnings


Jim and I just finished writing our personalized wedding vows. We are using the vows in our wedding ceremony as a public promise of our commitment to each other. A calligraphy artist is preparing them now so the attendees at our wedding will sign them as witnesses of our pledge. We plan to frame the vows and hang them in our home as a reminder of the second chance God has given us at love. It’s a new beginning.

We’ve all had new beginnings. New Year’s Day. A move to a new neighborhood; a new job, the start of school, or the birth of a baby. Sometimes new starts catch us by surprise. We may have prepared, even studied for a test all night—yet we think we still aren’t ready—we feel off guard and ill-equipped. Other times we are terrified; the unknown is uncertain, and we worry how things will be. Wary and cautious, we question the future. Regardless of how we feel, new beginnings provide opportunities, challenges, and ultimately blessings. It’s a choice to trust God to lead us into the unknown.

While captives in Babylon, the children of Israel experienced the challenge of feeling like God had forgotten them and they didn’t like it much. God’s deliverance had not yet come. His timing was not at all what they expected; they were still in exile. God gave them hope through the prophet Isaiah that new things were going to happen. “Behold, the former things have come to pass, now I declare new things: before they spring forth I will declare them to you,” Isaiah 42:9 (NIV). They were told to watch for the new thing, to anticipate it, not to miss it. In the same way, God sends us messages of hope to encourage us to keep praying, waiting, and believing His promises.

Is there a new thing on the horizon? For me, it’s getting married again. It’s an exciting new relationship but also a change. I plan to let God show me new things about adjusting to being a wife and how to love the extended family I will gain. I am learning so much about loving God more through loving Jim, it is remarkable. I thank God I said yes, not just because I am in love with Jim, but because I want everything God has for me.

I don’t know what new thing God has planned for you. Whatever it is, it’s an opportunity to allow God to guide you into new beginnings he has planned specifically for you. God wants to bless you. Choose to view the situation with wonder instead of worry.

Do not call to mind the former things, or ponder the things of the past. Behold, I will do something new, now it will spring forth, will you not be aware of it?” Isaiah 43:18–19 (NIV). Instead of living with “the giddies,” ask God to load you up “with more grace.”


Ask God to develop character instead of seeking comfort. In the new beginnings, God wants to do a new thing in you and me. The question we must ask ourselves is: “Do we want the new things God has for us?” It may be scary but, friend, you will find exceeding and abundant great joy when you grab on to the new beginning. You don’t want to miss out on the amazing gifts found in new beginnings! And when your new thing comes, praise God for His blessings. “Sing to the Lord a new song,” Isaiah 43:10 (NIV).

Love this quote from Edward B Pusey:“Because perseverance is so difficult, even when supported by the grace of God, from that is the value of new beginnings. For new beginnings are the life of perseverance.”

Let me pray for you:

Dear Father, thank you for new beginnings. Thank you for bringing Jim into my life. I thank you again for the new beginning we will share with our upcoming wedding. Thank you for second chances. We are so thankful for the chance to love again. Thank you that you are the Author of all things new. I commit my friends and family to you, Lord, as they want to accept every new thing you have for them. Bring on “more grace” in their time of need. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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