Welcome to Worldwide Wednesday!
Pray Around the World!

Welcome to Worldwide Wednesday!

Pray Around the World!

Worldwide Wednesday – Pray Around the World in 2017!

For three years, I have shared my favorite contemporary Christian music with you on Wednesdays. Worship Wednesday is one of my favorite days. I intend to continue to share a few worship songs now and then. For 2017, I’ve decided to change it up a little to focus on prayer on Wednesdays. Specifically, to pray for women around the world in the un-reached people groups.

Welcome to Worldwide Wednesday. This is a day for us to pray for women around the world every Wednesday! (We are going to pray through the alphabet, that’s A – Z one country at a time.) I hope you enjoy the year as we watch for what God will do through our prayers!

Jennifer Kennedy Dean said, “What God wants to do on the earth, He will do through intercessors. When God wants to change the course events will take on their own, He searches out an intercessor on whose heart He can place His desires.” www.prayinglife.org

Colossians 4:2““Devote yourselves to prayer, keeping alert in it with an attitude of thanksgiving.”

Today we are praying for the:

Afshari of Afghanistan

Pray for the Women of Afganistan.
Pray for the Women of Afghanistan.

Pray for their freedom in Christ. Pray for their identity in Christ. Pray for their ministries in Christ.

Country: Afghanistan People: Afshari Population: 13,000 World Popl: 375,000 Main Language: Azerbaijani, South Main Religion: Islam

Bible: Complete

Status: Least-Reached Christ-Followers: Few, less than 2%


“Declare his glory among the nations” Psalm 96:3


Father, strengthen us to pray faithfully for believers, especially the women in Afghanistan that they would be encouraged and strengthened each day with your mercies that are new every morning. We pray for the lost men, women and children, that they might know Christ and turn their hearts to worship and serve Him. And we pray for Afghanistan to be freed from the tyranny of the Taliban, and that the Word of God would be spread across the land in saving power. In the name of Jesus who reigns over all His creation, Amen.


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