Worldwide Wednesday – Pray for Bahrain

Pray Around the World!
Pray Around the World!

Welcome to Worldwide Wednesday!

Greetings friends – so glad you are joining us for our second WWW prayer day. We are going to go through the whole alphabet and PRAY one country at a time. So for today, we are praying for “B” – Bahrain.

Jennifer Kennedy Dean said, “What God wants to do on the earth, He will do through intercessors. When  wants to change the course events will take on their own, He searches out an intercessor on whose heart He can place His desires.”

Today we are praying for the:

Pray for the Women of Bahrain
Pray for the Women of Bahrain

Bahraini (Arab) of Bahrain

Country: Bahrain People: Arab, Bahraini Population: 751,000 World Popl: 766,000 Main Language: Arabic, Baharna Spoken Main Religion: Islam

Bible: Questionable Need

Status: Least-Reached Christ-Followers: Few, less than 2%

Arab woman in Bahrain

Prayer Requests For Bahrain

Pray especially for the women in Bahrain to find the hope only found in the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Pray for open hearts among Arabs, especially the Bahrainis.
  • Pray that Bahrain will be used as a gateway for the Gospel into all of Saudi Arabia.
  • Pray for ministries to begin to target the Bahrainis and that a burden will be placed on hearts specifically for
    them. They cannot hear if the Word is not going forth.
  • Pray that God will raise up spiritual leaders among Arabian Christians.
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit will multiply the effectiveness of Internet Arabic Christian sites among these Arabs and that
    intimidation will not keep them from receiving Jesus.
  • Pray for a strong local church to be established.

Thank you friends, I am praying for you!

Love – Sheryl

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