An Interview with Melissa Spoelstra


Parenting godly children is NOT impossible. Melissa Spoelstra offers a fresh approach to positive parenting in her new release, Total Family Makeover.


“God calls us to answer our kids’ questions, train them, and lovingly discipline them without exasperating them. So when they obey, that must mean we are succeeding; and when they disobey, we’ve missed the mark. Right?” Spoelstra asks. “Wrong. I’ve come to understand and embrace something profound. God modeled perfect parenting. He walked in the garden in close relationship with Adam and Eve. He clearly trained them, giving instructions about which tree was off-limits. Even though He loved His children perfectly, they still disobeyed. God continues to discipline, instruct, and walk with his children. But He doesn’t grade Himself according to his children’s successes and failures. Neither should we.”

Total Family Makeover walks parents through building life-long, life-giving spiritual habits with their children by teaching them how to:

  • Practice spending time in prayer
  • Read God’s Word
  • Grow through mentoring
  • Find community in the church
  • Serve others
  • Take time to rest
  • Giving back to God
  • Sharing their faith

The innovative structure of Total Family Makeover takes parents through each spiritual discipline by first helping them model it in their own lives, followed by a section called “A Practical Approach” in which Spoelstra gives detailed, step-by-step ideas to help parents implement the principles they’ve just learned. Each one builds upon the last, giving a deep, well-rounded approach to moving beyond behavior to real discipleship.

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