Join the 'Experiencing God Through His Names' Journey

God does not hide from us. As a stressed-out pastor’s wife and mom of preschoolers, in a prayer group with other women, I learned about God through studying His names. I found out more about His abundant love, tranquil peace, abundant joy, and comforting presence. Through studying the names of God, I found in addition to the titles I used to address Him (Father and God), He had many other names. These titles are aspects of His character and attributes. As we understand the meanings of His names, this practice enables us to know Him better. God gave Himself opportunities to evidence His names by providing His people what they needed at the time it was needed.


Join the journey by joining my online Facebook study group. It all begins Saturday, October 1, with a LIVE Facebook event. I am so glad you want to be part of the journey toward getting to know God better. If you don’t have a copy of Experiencing God Through His Names, purchase your book here.

To join the journey, send me an email, and I will send you an email invitation to the private Facebook group soon.

Love and prayers,

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