Help Us Tell the Story of the New Africa


“Story matters. Writing is important. Stories make the world go around. Many things begin as words on a page. It matters to the world. And it matters to you. Don’t let anyone rob you of that. Don’t rob yourself of it, either. Don’t diminish. Don’t dismiss. Embrace. Create. Accelerate.” —Chuck Wendig

We need your help to tell the story of the New Africa; the story of God’s grace and blessing turning a hopeless continent into a continent of great hope (check out this letter from the Gates Foundation). The way forward out of the Old and into the New is not pity, but partnership; not answers and money from the west, but empowerment from God’s people. As the New Story takes root in reality, we will see the Church in Africa become more engaged in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Won’t You Help Us Tell the Story?

Called to Love Africa

Here’s how:

  • Pray for Africa — Our ICM USA weekly “Hour of Power” prayer time takes place every Monday from 12 to 1 pm at our Bakersfield office; prayer partners from around the world join us in prayer from wherever they are. Join us by sending an email to
  • Ask for Information — How is God moving in Africa? Email us your request and we will send you a DVD and Fact Sheet on Africa.
  • Share the Story of the New Africa — Home groups, churches and conferences are sharing the story. Invite your friends and family to view the DVD and share how to be involved in an investment that lasts an eternity!
  • Take a trip to Africa — Teams are forming now for 2014 and beyond. Have you ever wanted to fulfill a dream of visiting one of God’s richest continents? Let your dream become a reality. We would love to help you create your own ministry team or join an existing team. Please send an email to

The New Story of Africa begins with you!

“Nearly half the world’s population is poor and the world will not be evangelized until the Good News is brought to them.” —Tom Houston

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