One Step Away

Greetings, friends,

Happy November. It was great to have many of you in the Experiencing God Through His Names online FB group.


We will begin another group January 1, 2017. Can you believe we are now anticipating the holidays—Thanksgiving and Christmas? Some of us have mixed emotions about the holidays because of unfinished projects or unmet needs. That is why I began the online FB group 21 Days Fwd to help you break a habit, complete a project, or work through a problem.


We were so blessed by our group efforts in the Experiencing God Through His Names FB group, we decided to keep going for a few more days and work on implementing a new habit. Since the group lasts a mere 21 days, we have only 20 left, so send me a request by email to join in between now and November 5. I want to make to best use of your time and there will be no entries after November 5.

To get you in the worship mood on this Worship Wednesday, here’s Casting Crowns with “One Step Away.”

From The Grace Course with Dr. Neil Anderson, I am sharing a list of things that are true about you. It is called: My New Name—in Christ, He has given you a new name. Speak this list aloud over yourself today!

Click here to download the list.

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