How to Tame the Bucking Bronco of Rebellion

Spiritually, you and I may inadvertently bind ourselves up with a rebellious attitude, which is contrary to Scripture but culturally acceptable. It’s important to see what God says about how rebellion is a subtle way the enemy can warp us into thinking we don’t need to obey leaders in our civil government, in our churches, in our families (husband or wife), or God. Proverbs 12:8 reminds us, “A man is praised according to his wisdom, but men with warped minds are despised.”

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Kenya Women’s Revival Conference

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Revival comes by trusting God. When we give up control, He moves us unhindered; our progress becomes secure as we apply God’s word to our circumstances and allow Him to move us from deception to truth. It helps to take control of our thoughts and say His word out loud. The truth "Romans 8:1" breaks through guilt, shame, blame, and unworthiness, “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”

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Little Things Can Become a Big Deal

Little things can become a big deal. Instead of limping along with a wounded heart, we can be healed and whole. We can learn lessons from the little things, as we listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit and apply truth from God’s Word. We can learn how to pay attention as we choose to trust God for His timing. 

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Widow to Widow

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Widow to Widow Women's Retreat - Theme: "Refresh" Widow to Widow is a group of women gathering together to support one another after the loss of their spouse. Using the Bible, prayer and fellowship, they share their journey and encourage each other as they move forward into a new beginning. 5/26/2024 - Sunday service will be at Bow Valley Baptist Church, Cochrane, Al

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Plan to Succeed

You’ve failed. Again. It’s time to reorganize. Start over. Begin again. Use a fresh approach, a new strategy. When you are discouraged, it’s probably not that you are doing the wrong thing, but you might be doing it in the wrong way. Our natural temptation is to give up on our dream. We think, “Maybe God didn’t give me this dream in the first place.” No, it’s probably just the opposite. However, it might be time to expand your vision and ask God to give you new ways of thinking.

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Failing Forward

It’s time to settle an important life question. As a leader, how do you deal with failure? Failure is the inability to complete a task. Instead of feeling incompetent or giving into failure and giving up, leaders must learn to reset our expectations. We might even need to alter our schedule and regroup our team.We all fail. But it’s how we handle failure that will set us apart from other leaders.

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