Let’s choose Thanks-Living this Thanksgiving! Here’s how:

Thank-You Therapy (Part One)

Thanksgiving will be here soon. In a Sunday school class, a teacher asked the children to share what they were thankful for so everyone could hear their gratitude. A little boy said he was especially thankful for his glasses. The teacher asked him why he was thankful to have to wear glasses. Very quickly he answered, “Because they keep the boys from hitting me and the girls from kissing me.”

Perspective can make a huge difference, can’t it? In this season of Thanksgiving, we must choose to be thankful, even if our circumstances, the economy, our friends or family don’t appreciate or thank us; we can rise above our circumstances. So, to help you with “Thank-You Therapy,” let’s look at what God says to us in Psalm 107 verses 1–9. We’ll discover its lessons of thankfulness still speak to us today. Psalm 107 is a beautiful song written to celebrate the Jews’ return from the freedom from bondage in Egypt and from their exile in Babylon.

Read the rest of part one by clicking here, then jump over to part two.

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