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Time to Make Time

Have you been frustrated about not finishing a project? Have you ever said things such as “Time is running out” or “Time is against me” or “Time is not my friend”? Each of us has the same twenty-four hours to accomplish what we are called to do. That’s why it is so important to have our priorities aligned with pleasing God. You and I have a choice. The fast lane of our fast-paced society seems to be accelerating: mobile phones, texting, Skype, FaceTime and more. We must learn to manage ourselves in the time God has given us. We must choose to commit the first hour of our day to Him. When we do, we find closeness to God in the 21st century is not only possible, but it is very doable. 

Believe it or not, our Lord Jesus also faced the challenges of a demanding schedule. All the time and everywhere He went, He dealt with an abundance of needs and a multitude of interruptions. He was teaching, preaching, and meeting needs, feeding, healing, and praying for people. To stay close to God and manage His ministry, each day He spent uninterrupted time alone with His Heavenly Father. 

Charles Hummel in Tyranny of the Urgent reminds us, “When we stop to evaluate, we realize that our dilemma goes deeper than a shortage of time, it is basically the problem of priorities.” 

Make it your priority to be alone with God each day. Jesus did. Schedule a daily appointment with God as if you were meeting with an important dignitary. After all He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Jesus’ example from Luke 5:16, “He Himself would often slip away to the wilderness and pray.” Make time to be alone with God today. He is waiting for you. God wants to shower you with His love in His presence when you meet together with Him. When you spend your first hour alone with God, you will notice you will have more time to do everything you need to do. It’s possible you will be filled with more love, added spiritual wisdom, and extra patience and sensitivity for others and increased creativity to fulfill your role in God’s kingdom.

Let’s pray:

Lord Jesus, thank you for the example you gave us of how to arrange our priorities. We know spending time with the Father was how you managed your life in the time you had. Help us to do the same. In your name we pray, amen.

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