Monday Motivation – What’s Your Name?

What's Your Name? "Becky, Kathy, Casper, Ginger, oh whatever your name is..." mom's voice was shrill and exasperated by the time she went through the list of names in our…

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ICRS interview of Heidi McLaughlin – author of Restless for More

Dear Friends -- It's going to be an AMAZING AUGUST! Each Friday during this month, I will share interviews with those I connected with at ICRS in Cincinnati, Ohio. I am so excited to share this compelling interview with my dear friend, AWSA sister, Heidi McLaughlin. Heidi is currently launching her third book, Restless for More: Fulfillment in Unexpected Places.

Here is how Heidi describes her new book: "We are driven to find life’s greatest meaning and joy. But we have lost our way. The truth is, we’ll never find our deepest fulfillment through more pursuits, accomplishments or doing more. We’ll find it through an intimate, loving relationship with God and through healthy and loving connections with others."

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