Experiencing God Through His Names

What’s in a name? A lot, actually. Names are more than groups of letters that represent a person or identify objects. Names are powerful. A person’s character or destiny can be influenced by his or her name. So when it comes to God, His attributes and personality support His unique and distinct names. When we comprehend the meanings of His titles, we can know God more intimately by understanding His names.

Want to join me as we draw close to God by studying His names together? I can’t wait for you to experience God showing you more of His power and presence. I am very excited to announce that my new book, Experiencing God Through His Names, will be released next month. It is my prayer that you and I will journey together in study and fellowship as we get to know God in this way.

Years ago, I was a stressed out young pastor’s wife, mother of a preschooler and kindergartener, exhausted from the demands of my family and ministry, and I worked a job outside of our home. I was desperately in need of support and friends.

God connected me with a Moms In Touch group (now known as Moms in Prayer International). This phenomenal group of women loves to pray and taught me how to worship God by praying His names. This practice has not only deepened my prayer life, it has increased my faith. I’ve become more acquainted with God’s character and am now so thankful to be actively seeking an ever-expanding trust in an Almighty God.

This book will connect us in many of the ways I was intertwined with my Moms in Touch prayer group. I look forward to sharing the journey with you on my blog here at FromAshesToBeauty and TransformedThroughTruth, Facebook, Twitter and more!

To pre-order the book for only $25.00 (includes shipping) send an email to: SherylGiesbrecht@aol.com.

What people are saying about Experiencing God Through His Names by Sheryl Giesbrecht:

Sheryl is a woman who has LIVED depending on God by having a deep abiding understanding of His names. If you want a solid foundation to build a life on, dive into the pages of this book. – Pam Farrel, author of 7 Simple Skills for Every Woman: Success in Keeping It All Together

If you long to draw close to God, I challenge you to engage in this 31-day experience of studying the power and presence of God through understanding His names. Sheryl Giesbrecht skillfully reveals how we can engage with our personal, intimate, all-knowing and all-powerful God. This study will transform your life. – Carol Kent, speaker and author of When I Lay My Isaac Down

Experiencing God Through His Names is a very important book. Most of us aren’t very aware of the names of God because the meaning of names isn’t valued. But Sheryl Giesbrecht’s book will change that. I love how she includes little personal vignettes and then takes us into biblical explanations of each of God’s names. This devotional is a book we all can read and refer to time and time again. – Kathy Collard Miller, speaker and author of the Bible study series Choices of the Heart: Daughters of the King

Let’s face it; we need help navigating this complicated and stressful life. Sheryl Giesbrecht invites you to find that wisdom and power in her latest book Experiencing God Through His Names. Sheryl captivates the reader’s heart as she unpacks how fulfilling and exciting it is when we take time to bask in God’s presence and reflect on His trustworthy and loving character. Sheryl found this strength and courage when she was a young mom and needed help during difficult and painful parts of her journey. In a style that is personal and laced with deep insight and grace, her stories ring true because she has walked every aspect of this book. What a great tool for a group study or meaningful personal times of solitude and reflection. Highlight your favorite sections and allow them to carry you through each day with renewed understanding of the love and greatness of our God. – Heidi McLaughlin, international speaker and author of Restless For More

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