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Spiritual revival

Have you forgotten how to thank God? Ever felt awkward when you should praise Him? You may be in need of revival. I am not talking about another trip down the aisle for the sake of salvation. It’s about what I call “spiritual resuscitation.” Revival: what we need when we have trouble remembering how much God loves us. Revival will restore us when we are bored with the concept of grace. Revival will renew us if we have stopped believing God is able to heal our pain.

We need revival after we’ve gone our own way for a while; we need revival when we find our way doesn’t satisfy and is a dead end. If you’ve ever watched your blessings fade and your joy wane, you need revival. We need to experience a refreshing touch of God’s grace; that’s revival.

Revival is available to any of us any time. Revival is the power of God that breaks through the lie, the deception of the enemy, the accuser who says, “Your God is not there for you.” If you have ever felt like God is not there and God does not care, you need revival. All through history, the Bible records individuals and nations who needed revival. Such was the case of the children of Israel during the reign of King Josiah. After decades of worshipping false gods and even sacrificing their own children to heathen idols, King Josiah led the children of Israel to revival. God allowed the nation to get to the end of themselves; they were worn out with living for their own desires, they sought revival.


In 2 Chronicles 34, we find four steps to revival. Number one: The people had to humble themselves before God. The people had to realize they sinned against God by worshipping other gods. Number two: The people had to confess their sin of following after other gods. Their prayer was to ask God’s to forgive them, for worshipping idols. Number three: They recommitted themselves to God. King Josiah called an assembly together with all the people in Judah and Jerusalem. Everyone was there, from the youngest to the oldest, crammed into the temple. King Josiah read the covenant aloud before the whole kingdom. Together, everyone chose to do things God’s way. Number four: Revival came in to the hearts and minds of all the people like a flood. But revival had to start with one person. And that person was King Josiah. Revival starts with one person, so let that person be you!

All my love, Sheryl

Dear Heavenly Father, we need revival. We need in our hearts and minds and souls. God send revival. We confess we have worshipped other Gods, forgive us. We remove all the other gods and recommit to worshipping only you. Lord, send revival into our hearts. Lord, send revival into our homes. Lord, send revival into our churches. Lord, send revival into our cities. Lord, send revival into our nation. Lord, send revival into our world. Thank you Lord for revival. In Jesus’ name, Amen. The song ‘Touching Heaven, Changing Earth” expresses how God wants us to ask for revival. Let’s hear from Darlene Zschech and Hillsong.

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