The Power of Prayer


It was a Wednesday afternoon. Pastor Paul had just called the church office to fill them in on the results of my PET scan. I was diagnosed with stage-four cancer; surgery and chemotherapy were prescribed. It was a very scary day. We arrived to church for the evening service. Someone had already put an order in for a prayer quilt. The quilt ministry group got to work on my special blanket so it would be completed as soon as possible. We walked into the foyer on Sunday and noticed the quilt displayed on a table. Precious saints hovered over the quilt praying as they tied a knot to complete the quilt’s preparation to aid in my recovery.

“Prayer is the key that unlocks all the storehouses of God’s infinite grace and power,” says R.A.Torrey “All that God is, and has, is at the disposal of prayer. Prayer can do anything that God can do.”

Prayer is all about God. But prayer works when we talk to God about what is on our hearts. God wants us to ask Him. Jesus’ parting words in John 14:12-14 were, “Whatever you ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask me anything in my name I will do it.” God wants to release His power; the resource of His strength is stored up, available for our asking. “

I am thankful to God for the saints who prayed over the prayer quilt. God glorified Himself when he healed me of stage-four cancer. Like the crippled man whose friends lowered him through the roof so he could see Jesus, my friends showed me Jesus through their faithful prayers. God showed me His power and love through the prayers of my friends. Won’t you pray for your friends today?

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