Is it okay for Christians to doubt?
It’s hard to keep praying or walking forward in faith when we don’t get answers or see God’s guiding hand. Difficult times often cloud our perspective. Does God see me? Does he hear me? Does he care? Many Christians are afraid to admitting to having doubts–even to themselves–because they confuse doubt with unbelief.

Doubt can be a friend to our faith, used to pose a question and get an answer, and then push for a decision. That decision is a commitment to trust God no matter what life brings our way; good or bad, God knows what’s best for us.

Doubt can be healthy if handled well. As believers, we should be comfortable in doubting our doubts, that is not letting them go unaddressed but examining them to prove our faith is dependable. Faith grows when challenged. We must learn to feed our faith, doubt our doubts, and handle them through the grid of God’s Word. Join me as we discover how faith prevails.


Helping People Doubt Their Doubtsby MANYBOOKS.NET
​A delivered drug addict, stage four cancer survivor and former widow, exchanging hurt for hope is Sheryl Giesbrecht’s focus—a message she shares with audiences as a radio and television personality, author and speaker. A dynamic teacher and motivating leader, Giesbrecht has endured many changes and challenges, moving her to a deep faith, trust and dependence on God.  As our Author of the Day, she tells us about her book, It’ll Be Okay.

Featured Book at Women of Joy 2018


Sheryl Giesbrecht was a featured author at Women of Joy Indianapolis where God connected her and It’ll Be Okay’s message with many women.


By Don Piper, Pastor and New York Times Bestselling Author
It’ll Be Okay: Finding God When Doubt Hides the Truth is an enormously caring and relevant book written by someone who personally understands her subject.

Sheryl Giesbrecht Turner has endured what Mother Theresa calls “the dark night of the soul.” And while the process of emerging into the light remains challenging and often ongoing, praise God, there is light. 

Yes, there is hope even in the midst of abject doubt. So many feel trapped in the midst of what Giesbrecht Turner calls “a gloomy motionless tunnel,” or “situations that keep you up all night.”  The author examines the universal dilemma of doubt that all too frequently plagues us all. And she boldly and with deep, personal transparency tackles the question: Can faith really overcome doubt?

In an era when the institution of the nuclear family and certainly fatherhood are being challenged, Giesbrecht Turner explores the critical issue of “spiritual fatherlessness.”  She provides great insight into the quintessential “doubter,” Thomas, and the supreme “sufferer,” Job. And she does it with compassion, humor, clarity, and happily… real application.  Indeed, her goal is quite simply to help us “roll back the fog of doubt.” And she endeavors to help us understand that God sometimes allows suffering to come for reasons only God understands. 

Her consistent use of biblical insight and her own experiences as a cancer survivor, an abuse survivor while a youth, and as a widow, offer us tremendous opportunity for personal growth and victory over doubt and suffering. We certainly will not be able to do so while still holding on to, “yesterday’s junk.”

It’s my conviction that one of the most beneficial aspects of It’ll Be Okay: Finding God When Doubt Hides the Truth is the author’s inclusion of a “Who I am is who I am in Christ” list of Bible promises.  These assurances are exciting and ultimately encouraging to all who seek to overcome the slings and arrows of this life.
See the Promises about Your Identity in ChristBut overcoming is a choice. Until the curtain rings down on this fragile planet, it will always be a choice.

And now you’ve chosen to read an important book about overcoming. Bring your sorrows and doubts to the table.  When you read the final page of this tome I pray that your faith will be fortified. Sheryl Giesbrecht Turner wisely counsels, “faith prevails.” Her sincere desire for you is “to introduce you to the one who can answer your questions and give you hope to solve the situations that keep you up at night.” 

Now, that IS important! 
–Don Piper