Uncommon Leadership: From Fear and Pride to Effectiveness

I was tired but energized by the response of the audience. I had completed my ninth day of teaching business and leadership skills in several remote villages on a mission trip to Kenya. And now, we weren't quite sure how many would attend our business women's conference at this location. We knew God would honor our efforts, even if only 20 people showed up.

We were overjoyed when on day one, the rural church sanctuary was overstuffed with women, many seated on the dirt floor. Countless others piled into flimsy plastic lawn chairs, spilling out every opening of the cracked block walls under the shelter of the sweltering corrugated tin roof. Scores more strained to lean in through pane-less window shaped holes to glean wisdom, and even more lined up on curbs outside. We were impressed with their desire to learn – no matter what obstacles they faced to get there or the discomfort they experienced to listen in.

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Kenya Update and Praise!

Dear Family and Friends, Thank you for your prayers for our Chosen Women Africa Trip. We are thankful for your support. Praise God with us for the opportunity to impart sustaining practical and spiritual tools to women in leadership to strengthen their businesses, ministries and lives.

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Kenya Wrap-Up

Sunday, May 1, we completed our business women's training in Nairobi, Kenya, at Seeds of Hope Ministry. The women were so excited to receive a certificate of completion for their…

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An Update from Kenya

Dear, friends!

Thank you for your prayers. Our international women’s conference in the small village town of Kimilinni is complete. We are thrilled to report there were over 400 women and more than twenty pastors. Praise God with us.

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Worship in Kenya

Love Kenyan worship! Amazing, humbling, passionate, freedom in Christ! Praise God with all the saints. Pray for us as we minister to and with our brothers and sisters in Kenya.…

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