Monday Motivation – What’s Your Name?

What's Your Name? "Becky, Kathy, Casper, Ginger, oh whatever your name is..." mom's voice was shrill and exasperated by the time she went through the list of names in our…

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Monday Motivation: Plan to Succeed

Monday Motivation: Plan To Succeed You’ve failed. Again. It’s time to reorganize. Start over. Begin again. Use a fresh approach, a new strategy. When you are discouraged, it’s probably not…

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Friday Favorites: Hopelessly Devoted

I love chocolate. I am an expert in seeking out and finding great (not just good) chocolate. [Tweet "@SGiesbrecht shares about her trip to Hershey, Pennsylvania"] ...filled with not only…

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Friday Favorites: Restore the Wonder

Good Friday morning to you, friends. [Tweet ""Christians should be the most wonder-filled people in the world." Matthew Woodley"] Do you agree? As you prepare for the weekend, my prayer…

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Serving Like Jesus

December 25. Christmas comes on the same date every year. Then why do we feel so frazzled? We might need to reconsider not just how and who we serve, but why we serve. Imagine how our relationships could be strengthened if we perform each task we put our hands to as an act of service. Jesus Christ showed us how to serve.

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People Not Platforms

Inquiring leaders want to know, "How can we improve those on our team?" "How can we acquire, train and retain talent?" It's worth considering. We must view our team members as co-laborers brought to us by God. He has given them to us to steward, and allows us to nurture and encourage them along the way. So, let's grapple with the opportunity of how best to engage our team members to connect with God. As leaders, we can lead them closer to God only if we have gone there first.

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