An Invitation and a Giveaway

The names of God each reveal something about His character. It takes time to examine these special names of God, one by one; it’s like looking at a postcard of the Grand Canyon. The solo shots each show a segment of a breathtaking view. When we absorb truths about God one at a time, we can better understand the reality and certainty of His character and the capability of His presence in our daily lives.

Are you aware that understanding God’s titles reveals His purposes and His commitment to us and gives practical handles for life applications? There are many ways to draw close to God as we study His Word. Spiritually, something exciting and personal happens when we study God’s names. We find out about His unique character qualities and experience His Holy Spirit presence.

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You’re Invited: Join My Online Study Group

Transformation begins with a choice to allow something new to take place. Defined, transformation means "a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance." I remember learning about the metamorphosis of the life cycle of a caterpillar as it spun it's cocoon or chrysalis to allow conversion into a monarch butterfly. Even as an eight year old, studying this alteration of life seemed remarkable and almost unbelievable. There are many spiritual parallels when you and I choose to allow God to speak to us through a study of His attributes, when we call on His names and invite Him to change us into the likeness of His son, He does something new. Won't you join us? Here's the details:

Dear friends and family, starting October 1, join the journey: an online Facebook group studying my new book, Experiencing God Through His Names.

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