Transformed Grief Coaching

What is Grief Coaching?

Grief is the state we are in when we have lost a loved one. It’s when the bottom falls out of your world; the solid footing you were on yesterday is gone. It’s an unfamiliar and uncomfortable place. It is a confusing, upsetting and unfriendly time. It’s described as overwhelming sorrow and intense emotional suffering. People around you might want you to get over your grief, because they don’t want you to be sad. But one never really gets over the loss of a loved one. The best way to handle grief is to get through it.

H. Norman Wright says, “Don’t let anyone take your grief away from you. You deserve it. If you had a broken leg, no one would criticize you for using crutches until it was healed. If you had major surgery, no one would pressure you to run in a marathon the next week. Grief is a major wound. It does not heal overnight. You must have the time and the crutches you need until you heal.” 

Grief coaching involves:

  • Prayer
  • Support
  • Understanding
  • Care and Comfort
  • Tools for Achieving Joy and Fulfillment
  • Vision for the Future

Is Grief Coaching for You?

Is the concept of grief coaching is new to you? Although many people are familiar withgrief counseling, we believe that grief does not typically require counseling. In 2009, the US Census Bureau estimates that about 2.4 million people will die, leaving behind millions of people who will struggle with sorrow and remembrance. By 2010, the number of deaths is expected to rise to 2.6 million, and by 2024 as many as 4 million Americans will depart this world annually.

Coaches provide:

  • A sounding board for decision making.
  • A vehicle for professional and personal growth.
  • A means of motivation for strong, positive action.
  • A steadfast source of unconditional support and encouragement.

Coaching is not counseling

Grief Coaching starts by affirming a person’s ability to heal, tackle issues, take on challenges and move into normalcy. The role of the grief coach is to help bring these qualities to the surface one subject at a time to assist the survivor in understanding they are healing.

Grief Coaching helps recreate a positive vision for the future and develop strategies for renewing specific life goals with an emphasis on action and accountability.

Financial Investment

Group — Transformed Grief Coaching (perfect for price-sensitive clients, those more comfortable in a group setting and those who want an entry-level way to experience Sheryl Giesbrecht’s coaching.

One to One — Transformed Grief Coaching (medium priced option)

VIP — Day Transformed Grief Coaching Intensive (This focus will be to enable clients to achieve desired results quickly. This is a valuable investment.)

By the Session: $125.00 per hour

By the Month: $450.00 per month (Includes four hours per month or one hour per week, plus one check in call per week and email access. Goals, target dates and practical steps will be agreed upon.

By the Package: $2,500.00 per six month package (includes four hours per month, plus two check in calls per week and email access.Leadership/Grief map will be designed with specific target goals complete with dates, rewards to levels of completion, written coaching session reports. Other services as requested, consulting, customized Transformed Grief plan creation.