App Interruption

I am an avid runner and I try to keep a regular running routine. I've found my favorite app for my Iphone 5, Map My Run, helps me track my running mileage, my pace and even tells me how many calories I’ve burned.

Last week, I was enjoying my run, breathing the fresh air deep into my lungs, just getting warmed up. I had heard the woman’s voice tell me: “Distance: 1 mile, pace 9.3 seconds, split 9.3 minutes.” A few minutes later, in the middle of my second mile, a different woman’s voice startled me with, “Hello Gorgeous, you are looking better all the time, your fabulous future awaits, find out more here.”

I thought, “Are you kidding me? My Map My Run app was interrupted by an advertisement from a psychic app?” I couldn’t believe it! And then it occurred to me that wherever technology is, there will be those who try to distract us from truth. I reminded myself that “I am a child of God, the evil one cannot touch me, I am chosen and appointed by Christ to bear His fruit.” As I affirmed my identity of “who I am in Christ,” I knew the evil one could not touch me.

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What’s Your Name?

"Becky, Kathy, Casper, Ginger, oh whatever your name is..."

Mom's voice was shrill and exasperated by the time she went through the list of names in our household. She was adamant and forceful when I heard her say the final name, "SHERYL DEANN." Oops, now she used both my first and middle name. Even at seven-years-old, my ears burned when I heard the tone of her command and the title she used to summon me. I knew I was in big trouble. She had called me by name, and you'd better believe her tone, intent and even use of my titles had achieved the ultimate goal. My mom got my full attention.

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Unqualified and Under-gifted

If you are presented with new opportunities, do you feel inadequate or weak? Are you afraid of failure? Do you feel unqualified? Under-gifted? Out of your comfort zone? I can relate. Several years ago, I found out about a bunch of high school kids that were close to getting kicked out of school for good. The academic dean asked me for help. I didn’t feel I had the ability to put together such a thing; I thought I was far from qualified. “God, not me" I argued, "I have a new job, I am busy, I am a cancer survivor, I have limited energy and time.” I didn’t know how to create a truant program at a local public high school.

I remembered what God brought me out of, once a rebellious and promiscuous teenager, chain-smoker, alcoholic, drug addict and drug dealer who cut class all but 5 days my junior year of high school. God reminded me – I knew what these kids were going through.

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New Mommy Memories

I couldn’t stop staring. I was captivated by the perfection of my infant daughter’s features and fingers, even her dainty little toes. I lifted my praise to Creator God, “I worship you, God for allowing me to be a mother to this precious life.”

I remember another time I couldn’t stop staring. It happened years before, as a Bible school student. I’d been given an assignment in our theology class to worship God, outdoors, after dark, to contemplate the power of God as it is revealed in the magnitude of the heavens. The professor’s instruction for our stargazing assignment was to lay flat on our backs, look up into the sky and meditate on Psalm 139 while meditating on God’s greatness.

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